Socially Engaged Art, ¿Pa' Qué Me Invitan?

Socially Engaged Art, ¿Pa’ Qué Me Invitan?

Ciclo de (re)lecturas

Facilitado por Xandra Ibarra, artista visual con base en Oakland y original de El Paso/Juarez border. 
Jueves: 8, 15 y 22 de abril, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., San Juan AST (12-1pm PST)
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In this reading group, we will think through, critique and discuss (some) social limits and capacities of social art- art that engages the public, community, and/or site- to unearth how our positions as participants and/or artists function as ‘sites’ to be mobilized, exploited, and engaged in the service of social movements and dominant art markets.

All readings will be provided in English. Discussion will be conducted in Spanglish and in the colonial languages of English & Spanish.

*Image credit: Xandra Ibarra, The Hook up/Displacement/Bar Hopping/Drama Tour, 2017.  Photograph by Robbie Sweeny 

Xandra Ibarra is an Oakland-based visual artist from the El Paso/Juarez border. She works in performance, video, and sculpture. Her work often addresses abjection and joy and the borders between proper and improper racial, gender and queer subject. She has been awarded Lucas Artist Fellowship for Visual Art Award, The Queer|Art Award for Recent Work, the Eisner Film and Video Prize, the Art Matters Grant,  NALAC Fund for the Arts, and the Franklin Furnace Performance and Variable Media Award. Ibarra’s work has been featured at Ex Teresa Arte Actual (Mexico), El Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Colombia), The Broad Museum (LA) and the Leslie-Lohman Museum (NYC) to name a few. For more info visit: