Summer session 2013

L1130208Expedición Adjunta, con Alberto Baraya. La Práctica 2012-2013

Summer Session: The Walking Seminar
July 1-21, 2013
Application Deadline: May 1st
Notification: May 8thThe walking seminar is a three week seminar taught by artist Beatriz Santiago Muñoz and geographer Javier Arbona with other artists and individuals in Puerto Rico developing art practices in response to the changing landscape, its social and political uses and its representation through visual and other means. The seminar also focuses on direct observation and interaction at a human scale as an essential method for understanding these processes. We will set out walking from San Juan through the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, make a 3 day visit to the island of Vieques, and return to San Juan through the mountains 3 weeks later. Throughout the route and on sites where we will stay for 2 to 3 days we will be paying attention to the visual and or aesthetic character of the path, informal food production, tourist as well as military and post-military land use, a site’s land rescue histories and traces, understanding and making meaning through use and play while simultaneously paying attention to our own work as a result of our extended walk and exploration. Each seminar participant will propose an approach to the walk, a specific way of looking or purpose, that will naturally overlap with others and transform during those three weeks. Though working collectively is not necessary, the structure and method of the seminar demands communal work and solidarity, as we will be undertaking a collective adventure. A willingness to embrace the unexpected is essential. There is a 12 person limit to the seminar.

Artist Bios hereThe seminar is anchored in the specific geography, local knowledge, emerging art practices, and social and political conditions of Puerto Rico. The island’s exuberant tropical ecology coexists with environmental devastation, institutional mimesis and decay, militarized and post-military spaces, as well as a growing movement to understand and transform these conditions.

Some images from Winter Session 2013: Land, Place, Visuality here.

Fees: $500

June 1st: Last day to reserve your seminar space with $250 deposit.

Housing will be collectively rented houses and in some cases camping.

$500 covers housing and tuition costs. Participants should budget another 500 minimum for food and unexpected events. We are going to be sharing meals and cooking collectively, but please be prepared!Email us if you have questions about this

Selection criteria
An abbreviated portfolio with a selection of 1-3 works, a short statement regarding your interests and their relationship to this seminar. Each application will be reviewed by faculty. Please send everything in one pdf,with links to web for any video or other documents.

Send documents to on or before May 1st with SUMMER SESSION in the subject line.

Contact Sessions Director:
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz