Construcción de radios para hablar con los muertos.

Construcción de radios para hablar con los muertos.

Martes 21 de mayo, 2013 6:30 pm
Apophenia: Building Radios to Talk to the Dead (Discussion and Workshop)
Apofenia: Construcción de radios para hablar con los muertos.
Recurso: Will Lindsay

Para participar tienes que registrarte en La Ivan Illich
Como construir in circuito para usar con tu smartphone o computadora para grabar fantasmas. Este taller se base en la investigaciones de los años 50 y 70 sobre fenómenos de voz electronica. Se realizará una charla sobre la historia de esa práctica, luego una demostración en grupo sobre la construcción del dispositivo. Contamos con los instrumentos necesarios para las primeras 10 personas que se apunten. El resto tendrá que comprar las partes necesarias para construir el dispositivo que tiene un costo máximo de $12.00. Para anotarse favor de ir a La Ivan Illich.

Apophenia is the human ability to perceive patterns and meaning in completely random data sets. The effect is often explored by “ghost hunters” who use electronic tools to find patterns in the environment around us, and exploit them as a way to communicate with spirits of the deceased. This discussion will cover the radio-based and electromagnetic technology commonly used for the reception of “EVP” or “Electronic Voice Phenomena.” These devices are often modified radios or home constructed circuits that follow a mixture of basic engineering, empirical results, metaphysical concepts, and in some cases pure hucksterism.

We will look at several of these devices, their underlying circuits, their design philosophy, and the culture that surrounds them. The discussion will be followed by workshop where participants can build a simple circuit called a “Raudive Diode Receiver” to use with their smartphone or laptop.

The device is a simple electronic circuit that plugs into a microphone jack, and allows the user to explore and record anomalies in the electromagnetic spectrum around us. Modification and use of the device will be discussed. A simple $12 parts kit will be available (Beginner Level/No previous electronics skills necessary) Bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone to start experimenting on-site. Here is a linked image for promotion as well. Will Lindsay