Lots of Flying Objects en el Queens Museum

Lots of Flying Objects en el Queens Museum

21 de julio de 2019, 11:00am – 3:00pm
Queens Museum, New York City

Como parte de la exhibición Mundos Alternos: Ciencia Ficción en Latinoamérica, el museo de Queens invita a Beta-Local a organizar un día de programación en su espacio. El mismo consiste de varios eventos a lo largo del día abiertos al público y libre de costo a través de los cuales compartiremos algunas de nuestras formas de trabajo junto a colaboradores previos de la organización. Ese día en el museo también habrán presentaciones de Guadalupe Maravilla y Black Quantum Futurism.

Lots of Flying Objects with Beta-Local

Beta-Local is an artist-run organization based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, dedicated to fostering knowledge exchange and transdisciplinary collaboration. Puerto Rico is an archipelago that has been defined by the US Supreme Court as an unincorporated territory “inhabited by alien races.”[1] As part of Mundos Alternos: Art and Science Fiction in the Americas, Beta-Local will transport its operations to Queens for a full day of programming led by aliens, alongside New York-based collaborators. Beta-Local collaborator bios can be found here.

11am-1pm: Satellite calling control, no answer [2] Collaborators of Beta-Local will be invited to mail unidentified flying objects into outer space/outer lands with no clear hope of a response or return, similar to NASA’s 1977 Golden Record, which famed astronomer Carl Sagan suggested was akin to launching a message in a bottle into the “cosmic ocean.”[3] Packages will arrive at the Queens Museum from April to July and be opened in the museum on July 21st and displayed as traces of the organization’s work and ideas.[4] (Unisphere Gallery, 2nd Floor)

1-4pm: Alien Publication and Workshop
Christopher Rey Pérez will edit a collective project investigating the ambiguous concept of ‘alien’, both as extraterrestrial and foreigner with a group of New York-based and foreign collaborators. The publication will explore processes of extraction, and ways in which foreigners and extraterrestrials are always extracted from their context. The resulting publication will be printed in risograph and presented with the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Program and Endless Editions as a number of unique editions for readers to continue extracting and publishing.
(Atrium, 1st Floor)

2-3pm: Listening Session
As part of a series of conversations with musicians and sound artists about influences, interests and drifts, Beta-Local invites Rebecca Adorno to share her on-going research regarding mysterious unidentified audio frequencies and underwater sounds.
(QM Theater, 2nd Floor)

[1] Downes v. Bidwell, US Supreme Court, 1901.
[2] Satélite llamando a control, no responde – sung by Ismael Rivera, written by J. Marrero, 1974.
[3] Carl Sagan’s description of the NASA’s Golden Record, produced in 1977.
[4] A similar gesture was part of the project Estación Espacial by Guillermo Rodríguez (La Práctica 2015-2016), in the exhibition PANDORA curated by Paula Borghi.