La Práctica (EN)

La Práctica is an interdisciplinary research and cultural production program committed to imagining new conditions, relations and positions from which to produce and share knowledge.

*The application period for La Práctica is closed.*
This year La Práctica is structured as a critique seminar, with meetings twice a month focused on group discussions around recent works by its participants. We expect active discussions and a commitment to thinking as a group in relation to each presented work, as well as analyzing the conditions for developing and presenting them in Puerto Rico today. We understand this group also as a space to share references and influences. We expect group members to participate in other activities organized at Beta-Local, including workshops, seminars and talks open to others outside the program, and led by local and international guests. La Práctica is conceived to relate reciprocally with the other programs of Beta-Local: the international residency The Harbor and La Iván Illich, a public programming platform.

La Práctica is a program where we develop long-term relationships and extended collaboration networks,  through the liberation of information and the convergence between processes. Our mode of work is that of a rigorous and generous workshop in Puerto Rico, the Tropics, the Caribbean and this time.

This year, La Práctica will be divided into two groups that will meet for three and a half months.

First group: September to December 2019

Second group: February to May 2020

There will be two open calls:

First group: we will accept applications until July 4th 2019.

Second group: to be announced later.

The call is open to all kinds of cultural workers: students, cultural workers of different disciplines and levels of experience, as well as past collaborators and participants of Beta-Local’s programs.

The application consists of:

  • a one page letter explaining why you’re interested in participating and describes works or projects you’re currently working on

  • updated CV

  • PDF or well organized folder with documentation of no more than 15 works

    • in the case of video, send as links to Youtube or Vimeo

    • in the case of written work, no more than 5 pages.

*Send these materials via email or WeTransfer to
*Write in the “subject” of the message: Convocatoria La Práctica 2019-20.

Details of the program:

-La Práctica lasts three and a half months, with meetings twice a month.

-It’s divided into two groups: September-December 2019 and February-May 2020.

-Each group is composed of 10 local and international participants.

-The program is open to Puerto Rico residents and people with US Citizenship or Residency.

-Each year we select 2-4 international participants. The length of their stay will depend on the terms of their visas.

-Each participant is responsible for covering their food, transportation and housing expenses.

-We don’t require a previous academic diploma.

-We don’t offer an academic diploma or certificate.

-La Práctica is free of cost.

-The meetings of La Práctica are in Spanish.

-We expect each participant to implicate themselves in the programming of Beta-Local.

The deadline to apply to the first group is July 4 2019.

For more information email us at