Jo Ferly

Jo Ferly

Domingo, 13 de octubre, 2013
10:00 – 8:00 pm

Jo Ferly, directora del programa de residencia L’artocarpe en la isla de Guadalupe, estuvo entrevistando artistas interesados en participar del programa de residencia que esta dirige.

De San Juan Continuo su ruta hacia Jamaica para entrevistar otros artistas.

Marxz Rosado sirvió de coordinador de este día

L’ Artocarpe


L’Artocarpe is a non-profit artist run organisation based in Le Moule, on the island of Guadeloupe. It is a membership organization, that consist at the moment of 34 mostly young artists. Its mission is to promote contemporary art . Its aim is to encourage artists to research on and challenge their practice, experiment with new materials, confront their work to constructive feedback given by professionals. Therefore it set the focus on the connections between artist practices and theoretical input (via conferences, discussions, debates, portfolio reviews with art critics, publications and so on) and on closing the gap between the local artists and those who have decisive power over getting their practice into light, that is to say on connecting local artists to the (major) international curators and other professionals, and presenting their work on major art fairs (Biennales and other international exhibitions).