La Práctica (EN)

La Práctica is an interdisciplinary research and production program that runs for 9 months -3 months for international participants- for individuals with a background in art, architecture, design or cultural production. This program is designed particularly for those interested in generating new conditions, relations and positions from which to produce in and outside of established circuits.

The mode of work is that of a critical and practical atelier in Puerto Rico, the Tropics, the Caribbean and in this time. The emphasis is on production and collaboration processes. We establish a flexible structure through which each individual brings to the table their practice and projects that are discussed, critiqued and developed through an open process. The program requires active participation, the participants share their processes, texts and ideas that are discussed collectively.

Guests from the program The Harbor, our international residency, act as a compliment and resource for La Práctica. Residents of The Harbor work directly with the participants of La Práctica, and fellows can make suggestions for guests of the residency, either because they can contribute to their projects or because of an interest in their work. During the 2014-15 year, participants of The Harbor included Mireia Sallarès, Mike Cooter, Céline Condorelli, Robert Leckie, Elizabeth Hamby and Hatuey Ramos Fermín, among others. In the 2015-2016 cycle, some of the guests will be Ramiro Cháves, Michele Fiedler, Carrie Hott and Abraham Cruzvillegas, among others.

We expect fellows to integrate completely into the structure of Beta-Local, for example organizing classes in La Iván Illich, an experimental pedagogical platform where anyone can propose a class/workshop/conference that they’d like to offer or take. Recently, Nicole Delgado, currently participating in La Práctica, organized “The translated subject”, a series of workshops and conversations about contemporary translation. In the first of the series, the point of departure was the poetry book Humedales, by Chilean writer Javier Norambuena, who came in from México through The Harbor to participate in the exchange.

In Beta-Local, we understand the relations between participants, visitors, spectators and collaborators as relationships between equals.


-It is a program for research, experimentation and production.

-Each participant is expected to focus on experimenting and furthering processes related to their practice and/or develop a project from concept to presentation.

-The group is composed of between 5-7 local and international participants. One is directly invited and the rest apply through our open call.

-These applications are evaluated by a committee composed of previous fellows and international artists or curators that have participated or collaborated with the organization. This committee recommends potential participants of La Práctica.

-After the committee recommends, the directors of Beta-Local interview finalists in order to select the fellows.

-The program is free of charge.

-Each participant will receive a production budget.

-Beta-Local doesn’t cover travel, housing or living expenses.

-Starting in the 2014-2015 cycle, La Práctica fellows will have access to a workshop space. This space will also be programmed by the fellows.

-La Práctica runs for 9 months (September-May) for locals, and 3 months for internationals.

-The 9 month program is open to people with US citizenship or residency living in Puerto Rico or that can cover their own living expenses. Although La Práctica is open to international participants, they can only participate for 3 months, unless otherwise stipulated by their visa.

-Each fellow must commit a total of 20 hours a week divided between group meetings, public talks and workshops held at Beta-Local, plus the development and production of their projects.

-La Práctica doesn’t offer a degree or certification validated by other institutions.

*The program is in Spanish.

In order to apply to La Práctica we ask that you submit:

-A brief description of what you’d like to develop during La Práctica, and why it’s significant for you at this moment to participate in the program. You can talk to us about process, research, ideas, and/or projects that you would develop. It’s important that you contextualise your application in relation to your previous work.

-A well organised ZIP file, PDF or link to a web site with your portfolio. You can send it through YouSendIt, WeTransfer or a similar service to on or before May 4th, 2015.

-CV that includes your contact information.

Project examples