La Práctica (EN)

La Práctica is an interdisciplinary program for cultural research and production, committed to imagining new conditions, relations and positions from which to produce within and beyond established circuits.

La Práctica is its members; the mode of work is that of a rigurous and generous workshop in Puerto Rico, the Tropics, the Caribbean and this time. Participants are an integral part of Beta-Local’s programming. Besides attending weekly meetings and public events, they share a collective workshop and field trips throughout the Island, they comingle with invited residents and they are immersed in the processes of their peers. The program is conceived of to relate reciprocally with Beta-Local’s other programs: the international residency The Harbor and La Iván Illich, our public programming platform. Guests of The Harbor provide stimulus, references and support to participants of La Práctica. Also, fellows can propose programming for La Iván Illich, generating knowledge exchanges. Here they can propose practical workshops, talks, study groups, encounters and other public events that serve to open up their work processes, access specialized information or create direct dialogues about topics related to their interests and projects.

For Beta-Local it’s essential to operate from a reflection about our context, responding in critical and practical ways. The methodology of the program is dynamic and responds continuously to the contributions of its participants. We require an active, collective and self-directed participation of approximately 20 hours per week.

In Beta-Local, we understand relations between participants, visitors and collaborators as one between equals, and we assume culture as a space that generates knowledge that surpasses its material results. We are committed to inciting wild connections that cut through disciplines and detonate unforeseen consequences. La Práctica is a space to develop strong relationships and extended networks, through the liberation of information and the approach to external processes. The projects that result from this exchange are developed during and beyond the program.


-La Práctica has a duration of 9 months (September 2018-May 2019) for Puerto Rico residents and people with US citizenship or residency permits.

-The group is composed of 5 to 8 local and international participants.

-Each year 2-4 international participants are selected; the duration of their stay will depend on the terms of their visa.

-Each participant is responsible for covering their own living, transportation and housing expenses.

-We don’t require an academic degree and we don’t offer an academic degree or certificate.

-La Práctica does not have a tuition cost. Beta-Local’s team raises the necessary resources for the program.

-Each participant is expected to concentrate on experimenting and furthering processes related to their practice and/or develop a project from conceptualization to its realization. In the past, these works have been presented in the form of publications, exhibitions, performances, talks, workshops, online audioteques and others.

-Each participant must commit some 20 hours per week to the program, distributed between group meetings, participation in Beta-Local’s programming and the development and production of their work.

-We expect each participant to develop programming with Beta-Local and to articulate through this programming various forms to communicate their processes, interests and projects.

-La Práctica meetings are in Spanish.

-Participants share a workshop space and access to a production budget.

-Applications are evaluated by a committee composed of past participants of La Práctica, international collaborators and the team of Beta-Local.

-Beta-Local’s co-directors interview finalists with the objective of selecting a diverse and balanced group.

In order to apply to La Práctica we ask that you submit:

-A brief description of what you’d like to develop during La Práctica, and why it’s significant for you at this moment to participate in the program. You can talk to us about process, research, ideas, and/or projects that you would develop. It’s important that you contextualise your application in relation to your previous work.

-CV that includes your contact information and pertinent past work experiences.

-A well organised ZIP file, PDF or link to a web site with your portfolio. You can send it through YouSendIt, WeTransfer or a similar service.

Applications should be sent to on or before May 13th, 2018.

Project examples